Canadian Mortgages: Guidelines for Risk Mitigation

Learn about the new guidelines implemented by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) to address the risks associated with Canadian mortgages. Discover how these guidelines impact lenders and borrowers, and the potential consequences for the real estate market.

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New Government Backed Insured Mortgage Rules to Take Effect April 19

The Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty, on February 16th, announced new mortgage rules designed to ensure buyers can manage their

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Tips For Boosting Affordability! How Much Mortgage Can I Afford?

Getting lower mortgage rates mean great saving but increased affordability is what attracts more homebuyers. Anyhow, there are few more

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Bank Of Canada’s Lowest Ever Interest-Rate Relief According To Canadian Consumer View Point

Lending rates hit a record low when the Bank of Canada announced last month, on January 20th that it would

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Understanding Your Credit Report And Credit Score

Tips on How to Keep Your Credit Report, Credit Score and Credit Profile Healthy! Visit For More Services Your

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